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Welcome to the site – This site is there to show games played by expert players to give you a feel of the game, it also provides music videos previewing the games to enhance the effect.

Our core games are Devil May Cry 3 (and soon the rest of the series) Tekken, Virua Fighter, Streetfighter.

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Important Note…

HVE is primarily here to help gamers and basically nothing more. 

So its like an extended tutorital as such.

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This is a fansite to an extent, but in many way a whole lot more in depth than that.

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Player – Gemasis


“EnTeR Da BeatDowN” BELOW

Ok, what can I say about this game. The actual potential was huge, it has a  much more thought out storyline than the average. 

The characters are diverse and 

its got some good points.The FIGHT engine seems to be better in VS mode actually, and the story mode can get abit repetitive at times, but the whole aspect of gaining 

charisma, power etc and the whole negotiations etc scenarios is pretty neat. 

Overall though the game could have been a lot better…